LE Miami Travel Show Redefines Contemporary Travel Market

The Limited Edition Miami travel show, put on by Beyond Luxury Media, just concluded its second consecutive year and did so with a splash. For those in the travel industry know, this is not just another trade show. LE Miami is a curated travel show, bringing together contemporary and creative, high-end travel products with like-minded clients and buyers.  In their words, the collision of luxury and lifestyle. Sounds exciting, yes? And it is.

For three days buyers, exhibitors and media gather together at the Miami Convention Center turned LE Creative Hub in a vibrant, artistic and engaging setting, complete with music curated by Jared Dietch, visual arts and overall pleasing aesthetics.  Twelve plus 20 minute meetings each day strategically balanced with networking breaks and an adjacent garden lunch, if you please. That is, if you’re not whisked away by a fabulous local hotel for lunch and a site visit, such as the soon to open Faena House.  Time is efficiently managed but rewarded with invaluable networking and learning opportunities on new and existing hotels and travel products.  Rather than a rushed few minutes or two second walk-by  the 20 minute increments allow for true quality time with prospective relationships, real conversations and perhaps a little bonding over a glass of champagne.  After all, it’s been said the best best business meetings happen over cocktails.

Of course a fabulous travel show would not be complete without accompanying  parties and activities:  city tours hosted by American Excursionist,  the splashy opening party at the W South Beach, outdoor fest at Wynwood Walls . More to come on that very soon.



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